Punta Secca: Journey’s End

Having breakfasted well outside on the hotel terrace, the ride to the coast from Ragusa was far from onerous ,being downhill and once again rural. The land looked very dry in places, and must take some cultivating.


The day was perfect, and the sea dazzling off to my left. You could see Punta Secca from 10 kilometers away with its distinctive lighthouse and small boat harbour. This was it then.I could feel the bike slowing down.


Those of you who know the TV series Inspector Montalbano will be familiar with the location. Having watched many hours of the programme I fell in love with this part of Sicily where many of the scenes are filmed. It just happens to be on the south coast, which seemed perfect for journey’s end.




I owe some acknowledgements. I travelled alone for the most part, but many made this trip possible, and of course no man is an island.
To my brother, sister and nephew for their unfailing support. My brother-in-law who handcrafted a bike box that passed all scrutiny.Friends, ex colleagues, aquaintances and those who shared the road with me no matter how briefly. Chance brief encounters would lift the spirits.
To Rico for his efforts with the bike in Germany-he said it would get me here and he was right. To the bike itself. On occasions I kicked it, called it nasty names and threw it down. It wasn’t the bikes fault obviously, and man’s greatest invention carried me and all my luggage the length of Europe.
Last but no means least, Sussex County Hospital cardiac team and recovery ward staff. They gave me the heart back capable of making this trip. I am eternally in your debt.
After this I am off to Malta for the meanest months. I will probably start back on April 1st next year because it seemed appropriate! The blog will be northagain.wordpress.com
I would be delighted to have you all as companions.



20 thoughts on “Punta Secca: Journey’s End”

  1. I can’t believe that there will be no more posts on south to the sun! I’m so proud of what you’ve done, have a good winter (warmer than ours I trust!), and we’ll look forward to the next instalment. Much love xxxx

  2. Well done Roobie – you did it!!! What a fantastic year! Perhaps you can keep up the Blog writing to hold your follower’s interest over the winter months? I look forward to more tales of adventures in April 2015….. :o)

  3. I read this last post with enormous pride and not a little sadness. The latter is mainly selfish as I mourn the loss of this journal and it’s vicarious pleasures. I am sure I have not been alone in feeling connected to the highs and lows of the journey that you have communicated so well. I eagerly await the next adventure. Ride safe.

  4. What an achievement! To have cycled so far and we have had the joy of experiencing it too through your wonderful photographs and fascinating descriptions.

  5. Well done our friend. What an amazing journey both physically and spiritually. You most certainly have to keep up your blogs and tell us about winter in Malta . . . . . You’ve captured our imaginations. Thank goodness for the NHS – too many times given bad press & oh too infrequently given good press. Live life to the full & hopefully we might be able to join you sometime in your adventures ! Much love, A&C xxxx

  6. What a great trip you have had. And thank you for sharing it with your fabulous, entertaining and interesting blog. Have a well earned rest in Malta over the winter.

  7. Hi Reuben, what an amazing journey. Saw photoboys on 24th and learned of your ambition, expedition and blog. Sad we were not aware of this months ago – would’ve followed you. However we put back clocks today and it’s grey and wintery looking through the windows, so we used our extra hour wisely. Hot Columbian coffee, toasted crumpets with fig and walnuts to hand – and we started back in May. We’ve had a great morning travelling through the countries with you. Thanks so much for sharing experiences, anecdotes and photos. What an achievement, what an adventure. Look forward to reading return trip. How will you fill next 5 months? If you fancy sailing round Greek isles in summer, do let us know! With our love, Mike and Delia xx

  8. Well done you ,what a fantastic experience ,I’ve followed your
    Blog all the way through ,absolutely amazing .
    Enjoy the rest lot of love Ann x x 😀

  9. Reuben, what a great trip. Brian says you are planning to hole up in Malta for the winter…..CAN’T believe this is a great idea, unless you know someone and someplace good. Wine and food nowhere near as good as Sicily, and expensive when it is, and the landscape pretty barren. Nice coast, and probably some good fish to be found…..but I guess you can always bob back to Sicily if you want to. Keep in touch tho! Jacy

  10. Well done, Reuben. I hope you winter well and look forward to joining you on the way back (if you don’t decide to stay in the South. By a coincidence T ate in a small restaurant in the small fishing village that you stayed in near Catania – sea urchins are great!
    Good luck

  11. Congrats Reuben! You did it! And wrote about it beautifully! Thank you so much! Please, you can’t leave it like that! I’d love to hear your impressions of Malta and how you get on. Will you become an ex-pat hanging out in bars sipping gin? Cycle around Malta exploring all the backwaters? Or lie on the beach for the winter? I hope you keep in touch, whatever occurs. Take care, Valerie xx

  12. Well done!! You did it!! I hope you will end North again as you started South to the sun!! Then we meet again next year!! Enjoy Your stay in Malta!!

  13. Well what a fantastic journey. Firstly I want to complement you on a wonderfully informative blog – both text and photos. Sue and I have been following your progress with fascination and I for one have been very envious of what you have achieved. Reaching your final destination was just the icing on the cake. It was good to see the sites where the TV series was filmed – I have been an avid watcher of Montalbano since the series first started and your photos brought it all back. Look after yourself. All the best and we look forward to part 2. Kind regards, Jon

  14. Have just returned from Croatia and now we feel sad that we will not have your wonderful blog of your fantastic journey to read Very well done many talk about going on trips but few make it.You have made it and entertained many with your blog.Let us know when you get settled in Malta as we may well visit you before your next journey. Lots of love from Sylvie. Roy. John xxx

  15. I echo all the comments left by others. I’ve really enjoyed the blog, learnt a lot about places and countries and been consistently envious and impressed, in equal measure. Enjoy the winter, but keep writing. Cliff

  16. Hey Reuben, congratulations on reaching the end of this first journey. It has been a real pleasure to follow the blog especially after we talked about the trip in the truck so often. You have certainly got us interested in visiting more of Europe especially Italy and now Sicily although I hear that you are already in Malta!!!! Can you please do a fab blog about life in the sun in the winter – it will act as a huge sun lamp for us all stuck in the wet and grey conditions here – we ‘ve become very used to looking at your pictures in the evening over a glass of wine.

    Hope to hear from you soon. Mark, joe and tiaa xxx

  17. Hi Reuben, I’m Italian. Congratulations on bicycle tour and your blog, it’s very interesting. I love cycle tourism too. Thank you for visit Punta Secca , land where my parents were born. Every summer I go there. I hope you had a good time.
    Sorry ,my English is terrible.
    You are welcome. by .

  18. Hi Reuben, What an outstanding achievement, it has been nice to accompany you along the way through reading your blog and seeing the fantastic photos and as so many others have commented learned a lot of interesting facts about Europe along the way.
    Enjoy your winter in the sun and a well earned rest in Malta. Janette and I are still enjoying the sun in Cyprus at the moment, but will be flying back to UK on 5th December.
    Look after yourself and look forward to hearing about your return journey. ( Both Lancasters done a fly past at 101 squadron reunion at Lincoln (quite a sight to see)
    Best Wishes

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