Post Script


All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.
They have their exits and their entrances…….

William Shakespeare

What a stage, what players, and what an honour to have been part of it all for the briefest of moments.

southtothesun has run it’s course. The earth is tilting again, eventually bringing warmth and light to the higher latitudes. I have seen the birds heading over from continental Africa bound for their breeding grounds in Northern Europe and likewise it is time for me to go.
I have wintered well in Malta and that tale will unfold at a later date (there is much to tell). As with the first, I spend my last night on the island next to Sleima creek, a busy waterway I have crossed many times in my five months here. An ever changing tableau. will take me back to the UK and as I said before your company would be much appreciated, along with your comments, positive or otherwise! Sit back and enjoy the journey. I’ll do the pedalling.




14 thoughts on “Post Script”

  1. Good luck and have a safe journey home. We look forward to seeing you again and hearing all about your great adventures.

    Much love and wishes,

    Alison and Clive Xxxx

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  2. All the best Reuben for the journey. I know it will be full of amazing experiences and people and I look forward to reading about them in your brilliant blogs.

  3. Hi, have good pedal home, hope the weather is kind to you . looking forward to seeing you and all your news. there’s always a cupper waiting for you at John & Kay’s Southerham.

  4. Hi Reuben,glad you enjoyed Malta ,it’s lovely there .
    Did you know that I’m a grandmother again ,Karen had a boy William
    and he is gorgeous, but then I would say that .
    So your back on the saddle again ,look forward to fearing from you .
    Safe journey back enjoy lots of love Ann x x x

  5. You do know it’s cold here, don’t you Reuben? Don’t rush back… Find some jobs in warm and mellow Europe, make the most of it. But if you insist on pedalling to our cranky shores, you know where we are and you’re always welcome. Be safe and good luck. M&D xxxx

  6. Hi Reuben you may remember me from Sussex Wildlife Trust days although I now live in Herefordshire and volunteer for the local wildlife trust.Have very much enjoyed your blogs & look forward to more.
    Safe & happy travels.

  7. Oh! at last I shall have some interesting news to read safe riding and we look forward to your return.We have just returned from a very windy few days in Whitstable so its oysters cockles and crab for dinner.John sends his regards Lots love Sylvie xxx

  8. Good luck on your return journey. It has been strange and I have missed not seeing you from across Balluta bay walking your way round to where I stand working for our daily chin wag. Enjoy and take care my friend. Jay 🙂

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